The Basics

Wellness Within & Without

Just like your house, your body, your mind, and your spirit should be clean.

A Clean Diet

Taking into account the fact that health extremists have turned so many off of making healthy transitions, our work advocates for individuals to take a balanced approach to making healthy changes in the dietary intake.

Over the years, our individual research and discovery through evidence backed oral histories, has built a foundation for the health practices we encourage today.

Our willingness to continue to evolve with new information has allowed us to identify the power of original foods. 

We use these foods to prepare healing dishes at Lasta Café, and discuss the most comprehensive study of their modifications here.

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Breathing techniques, Yoga, and Mediation are reemerging forms of self care that we actively create space for at our space in Lalibela.

We hold sessions during the week at Lasta Café, and offer private packages to those interested in spending some extended time in a peaceful setting at the Lasta Garden Retreat. 

Empowering through Breath, Movement & Meditation

Championing Self-Preservation 

By offering self-defense sessions with a spiritual foundation, we revive the interconnectedness of the arts, challenging assumptions previously defining cultural boundaries for practices that create peace. 

These excercises can also be found at Lasta Café, or a private session for an introduction to Matial Arts can be scheduled through out Contact Page.

Our spaces and programs are structured to offer you a place to reflect and grow.

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