Full Body Reiki Massage:
$50 USD*

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Healing for a life changing journey. 

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Other Treatments Available at Our Studio:

Deep Tissue

Request this massage for healing in the deepest layers of your muscles.


Our carefully administered soothing touch will relax and rejuvenate your being.

Sound Therapy

A melodious ceremony for energy alignment designed  to calm and center you.

Zone Therapy

Also known as Reflexology. Relieve those pressure points of built up tension.

Reiki Hand Massage 


John Watkins, Former Chief Technical Advisor at the African Wildlife Foundation:

"[The massage was] fantastic. I fell asleep for most of it. That speaks for itself."

Emilio Munaro, a world traveler with over 100 countries visited in his lifetime:


Healing with Energy

"I (Feq'ad) began Energy Healing (Reiki) & Massage at a very young age, before ever hearing the word Reiki.

I realized my ability to generate and project Qi from my body with powerful precision. Around that time, I started healing my mother, a registered nurse, who suffered from back pain; which caused her a lot of discomfort.


A disk had slipped in her back, after trying to help a patient from falling out of bed.

Since then, I have gained much more understanding of my healing abilities, and can honestly say the service I provide is priceless, and will leave you feeling brand new."


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