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Feast of the Ancestors

Summer 2020

Berkeley, California


The Feast of the Ancestors was an space hosted by a Sacred Drum Circle at the The Cesar Chavez Solar Calendar, to honor all of those who have transitioned during this tumultuous time. 

To see an article written about the event by the Park Administrators, click here.

Lasta Café & Garden Retreat

Winter 2019 - Winter 2020

Lalibela, Ethiopia


We created a space in Lalibela that catered to travelers and locals by providing them a unique corner of comfort, to refresh, renew, and connect with different people.

See our 5 star reviews here.


The Weekly English Workshop

Summer 2019

Lalibela, Ethiopia


During our time in Lalibela we looked for every possible means to be of assistance to the community. One of our most appreciated offerings was the weekly English workshop.

Alkaline Vegan Taste Test

Winter 2018

Gondar, Ethiopia


We took to the streets to let our community in Gondar know what Alkaline-Vegan food is, and of course let them try some. 


Alkaline Food Demos

Winter 2019

Bahir Dar & Lalibela, Ethiopia


When the local hotels and restaurants asked, 'What is Alkaline Vegan food?' we decided to show them with a few cooking demos. 

True Health Workshop

Spring 2018

Shashamane, Ethiopia


We wanted the elders in Rasta Village to understand the power of Alkaline Food, so we explained the old fashion way: with a workshop.


The Alkaline Farm Project

Winter/Spring 2018

Shashamane, Ethiopia


At our little farm in Shashamane, Ethiopia, we cultivated wild Alkaline Plants such as Lamb's Quarters, and developed a system to growing Alkaline crops the animal manure free way. 


For the Village


Fall 2017

Oakland, California, U.S.A

This oldies themed bi-weekly event was hosted with the intention of bringing together all walks of life around the joys of music, food, and community. We organized, promoted, hosted, and DJ'd this event.


Open Source Wellness

Summer 2017

Oakland, California, U.S.A

As OSW Angels, we acted as Chefs, Meal Planners, Nutritional Advisors, and on occasion led meditation. We catered for up to 50 people a week, and assisted this organization in its promotional efforts. 

7th Street Anniversary Celebration

Summer 2016

Oakland, California, U.S.A

For this event we did everything from catering for almost 100 people, hosting, performing, recruiting other performers, processing the compensation for their performance, and acquiring most of the materials needed to set up the event. 


United Drum Circle

Spring & Summer 2016

Oakland, California, U.S.A

After weeks of visiting the Ashby Drum Circle, Feq'ad and the drum group's co-founder, featured in video, decided to gather some drummers and begin playing by Lake Merrit. What resulted was a drum group, United Drum Circle, that would eventually change it's name to 'Soul Beatz'.

As leaders and organizers of this drum group, IVL promoted, secured gigs, and did unplanned public performances.

The Ethiopian Migration Project (2018)

In our excitement to share the realities of living in Ethiopia, we began a film project regarding our relocation from a Western Country to an African one. Immediately we faced issues producing content when it became clear stable access to WiFi with the capacity to upload videos was not an option. Since that time the project has remained dormant, but not forgotten. 

Dr. Sebi Tutorial (2018)

Gathered for our True Health talk in Rasta Village, Shashamane, Ethiopia, this video allows you to experience Dr. Sebi in his raw, giving you a brief overview of his message, and life's work towards understanding health, and how food impacts our day-to-day life.

Master Suite and Bathroom Advert (2018)

After coming to Ethiopia, we began offering our services to entrepreneurs looking for creative promotion for their unique businesses. This was the product of one brief partnership.

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