There were a host of great Nuwaubian leaders, such as Duse Ali, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Sheikh Al-Haj Daoud Faisal, Clarence Jowars Smith, Cifton E. Marsh, Noble Drew Ali, Marcus Garvey, to name a few, who have all contributed to the upliftment of the fallen and trodden over, and much abused Nuwaubian Moors. Many newsletters, books and newspapers have been written. Yet, the condition of the Nuwaubians have not changed. As the sayings goes: "Allah does not help a people until they help themselves". It's time for you to "Get up and do something for yourselves!"

This is the scripture that is divinely inspired that will bring about a long overdue change. Like the Phoenix Bird raising up out of its ashes, "Up You Mighty People" come forth like Lazarus from the tomb. This tablet is the food to feed the hunger and to nourish the soul, to give it strength. Rise up, stand up, stand up, be counted amongst the people of this world.

This tablet will restore the savor to the salt, that you may spice the whole world. That you may taste the sweet savour. And that you may spice the lives of all that you may come in contact with. For in these tablets is no doubt! It's the true guidance and that you can be sure of! but only those with an inner ear will be able to hear the voice of our heavenly father calling his children to gather on the holy land Qodesh, the golden city Wahanee, and sit at the feet of his son "the lamb", that has been transformed into "the lion", Tammuz, as known to many as ha Mashiakh, the true messiah, when he returns, as herald in by the receive of this most holy texts, the holy tablets, Nayya Malachi Zodok-El! this holy scripture is needed. The Holy Tablets come from the ancient original tablets inscribed in cuneiform, later borrowed, and in part to form what became the torah, which became the Holy Bible, which yielded many scriptures, old as well as the new testament, and even later, the Holy Qur'aan or Koran. This is by far the greatest of all, for it contains all they were trying to express but couldn't, because they didn't have the whole truth and all the facts.


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