These beautifully designed yoga mats are perfect for that early morning stretch or afternoon asana.


These 6P and latex-free mats not only manage sweat but prevent the buildup of germs and pungent odor with its unique design. The dual-layered, tear-proof, esthetically pleasing mat is easy to clean and maintain and comes in 10 different styles.


Includes a lightweight carry strap and bag.


More Details:

  • 183 x 61 dimension, 6mm thick to support your postures without putting undue strain on your knees, elbows and toes
  • Made with premium non-slip PVC with high elasticity and greater stability for intense workouts without the worry of stretching your mat
  • Tear-proof, dual layered mats with 0.6 density for optimal rebound resilience. Open-cell technology provides effective sweat absorption making the surface easy to clean with a simple wipe down between uses.
  • Lightweight and convenient, for easy travel equipped with a user-friendly, lightweight strap and bag to carry mat in.
  • Includes an exercise manual.
  • 6P & Latex-free

Yoga / Pilates Mat w/ Strap & Carrying Bag

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Last Updated Dec 2020