This painting is part of a collaboration between Infinite Vortex of Light and Delany Na'imah Carr.


While in Ethiopia, IV L took photographs of countrysides and places in Lalibela. Many of these photographs were used to inspire these paintings by Ms. Carr, who would go on to produce a series  relating directly to Lalibela, Ethiopia.


This Lalibela, Ethiopia Painting Series is being offered exclusively through the IV L Mystic Online Boutique. 


Professional print of the oil painting of Church in Lalibela, Ethiopia. 

10'' x 10'' Print of Lalibela Rock Hewn Church Painting by Delany Na'imah Carr

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  • Delany Carr is a representational oil painter. She has been creating and growing as an artist in Stockton, California for 6 years. Her love for God and what he has created provide a direction for her themes. The representation of life in her works allows her audience to understand the concepts and thoughts she wants them to perceive. 

    Native to the Central Valley, Delany studied at the University of the Pacific in Studio Arts with a painting and illustration concentration. 

    Delany’s paintings express her sentiment and fondness for the diverse cultures of the world. The subjects of her paintings include homes, portraits, and illustrated scene of life. Delany’s narrative and nature paintings encompass her spiritual and cultural interests.

    Delany says about her work “The feelings I have for my art and subjects motivate me and serve as praise to God and his creations around us.”

    Delany’s work has been exhibited at many Student Art Exhibitions, at the Haggin Museum, in services to the Progressive Community Church and has been featured at the University of the Pacific’s Junior & Senior Studio Art Exhibitions and Artivism Galas.


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