The first book, "What Everyone Has Without Trying" is the initial flame to my new series, "Millennials Win", which is all about reconnecting with your WHY. The power to shift the world's consciousness is a big task and we can't do it alone. Our current generation craves the enlightenment of elevating consciousness to an undissolvable extent. By looking inward first, you have made your findings irreplaceable. By finding this, you have done yourself the biggest favor. It is not the book, nor the words that'll bring you your answers; it is the empowerment within these pages, that breathes new life into your self-discovery. Inward is where the true journey begins. I am sure you have come to a point in your life where you find that you have taken the time to overcome a challenge but it seemed to reappear soon after. You will discover the power that lives within you with the confirmation that lives in these words. There are only so many options with the innerstanding of your role on this planet, at this specific time, in 2020. What you will soon realize is that you have no other choice but to win, emotionally and mentally! Our Mind, the way it works is easily programmable and Our Emotions, the way they are free is heavenly- but only if geared in a direct pattern. It is time to conquer our limits and set foot into our true selves! There is nothing informational about this, as we have plenty of money-making books out there for your interest. However, this is an enlightening experience that you can only share with yourself. You may not feel ready, nor have you been preparing yourself for this transit, but NOW is the time.

What Everyone Has Without Trying PDF Book by Nzingha Love

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