This is a one of a kind handmade necklace from The Artifacts of Magi. Interlaced with copper and turquois. There is also the 7 chakra gemstone finish "A signature of the one and only Magi". Used for carrying out rituals, or simple wearing and keeping around the house for protection against bad vibrations and wicked intentions.

The Pyramid Necklace (Turquoise)

  • Magi is an enigmatic unconventional yogi who has been creating and selling his crafts at Ashby Flee Market in South Berkeley for decades. He has also traveled to India, Thailand, Nepal, and many other countries gathering precious gems, absorbing the cultures, and aquiring ancient wisdom. Magi spends his time living off the grid crafting and meditating at many different places throughtout California. His pieces carry a lot of protection and Asē (Qi Energy) as he calls it. 

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Last Updated July 2020

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