Women and Men Stand Together

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

There has been an on-going battle between men and women that may seem like it's been going on forever. However, this battle began as an illusion through incorrect examination of ancient stories given to us as “history” or his-story. Our-story, meaning the story of the earth, is very different when examined from a higher frequency. We now know that in ancient times, women had a very important role in the affairs of general life, and in the higher courts of the empires. She was seen, and still is seen, by many intellects as the priestess, empress, and guide. In ancient Kemet (Egypt), she was the Great Mother, of whom the Nswt (King/Pharaoh) went to for guidance. Without her, no decisions were made. In our modern lives this is still very much the same, as it is just natural. When a man makes a decision, he generally consults his wife, and she gives him clarity on the issue.

If we observe nature from a non judgmental opinion-less space, we will realize very obvious realities. A female of the majority of species possesses the womb, one of the most important assets of the Earth. With a womb she brings forth both man and woman. We drink holy nectar from her bosom, and are guided by her wisdom until we reach an age of realization that gives us the ability to navigate the many facets of life on our own. Even then, we still ask mother for guidance and support. The male provides the semen (another important asset), which is planted inside of the woman as a seed is planted inside of mother earth to bring forth fruit (the child). He then protects the woman and child from anything that may afflict them, as he possesses natural strength in his muscle capacity that allow him to do this. This may be what you call a "traditional family structure". Majority of nature is like this not by choice, but from being. In the natural world, this continues to prevail as the norm.

This lifestyle that was performed on a grand scale by the Kemetian nobles, stretches back thousands if not millions of years on Earth, we are finding out, as it becomes more and more clear that the education we obtained in school of how old our earth was, is actually skewed. There are many mainstream scholars describing these ancient cultures as archaic, based upon their manipulated education that was intentionally obstructed by families like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, in the name of capitalism and commercialism. These ancient cultures were way more civilized and connected to the earth than we are right now in these so called 1st World Nations. We have had 44 presidents ruling over the corporation of America, and not one was a woman, or a man and woman ruling together. We still just have a president's wife.

Women like Ida B. Wells and Elizabeth Candy had to fight for women's rights during their times, as the Caucasian male ego in America reached its peak. We have to also take into consideration that even in other places in the world, both inside and out of Africa, in the same time period, strongly melanated women ruled as Empresses

, with equal power to men. One very important example is the Empire of Ethiopia, formerly known as the Abyssinian Empire.

The Empress and the Emperor ruled side by side as they did in Kemet, with the last Emperor and Empress being Emperor Haile Selassie and Empress Menen Asfaw. The Empress did not just sit on the throne and look pretty. Empress Taytu who ruled from 1889 to 1913, made the most important military decision that won the war against Italy in March 1886, which is just an example of the power these Empresses yielded.

Queen Makeda, born in 1020 B.C, was the ancient Empress of modern day Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Kenya and Egypt. She came from an ancient “matriarchal” line of high priestesses that remained virgins for most of their lives. She gave her virginity to King Solomon, and they had a son named Menelik who later became the first King of Ethiopia.

This idea of “matriarchy” in ancient times, wasn’t as we are told. There was neither a matriarch or a patriarch. However, when you are programmed to think in the context of dualism, you tend to miss the oneness in everything, which takes an enlightened and open mind to assess. The ancient “matriarchal societies” were not matriarchal or patriarchal, they were just simply natural. Nature has a certain order that we have deliberately been, and are being, brainwashed to forget through words (spells) used to control our perception of reality.

Original people accepted who they were/are. They were not preprogrammed with the selfish ignorance of rulers and leaders who seek to control and dominate the economic and social structures of the world. Instead they were encouraged to excel in all that they were/are. In doing so they respected the laws, or better yet, the principles, of Nature.

Example: If a woman has children, then she would spend a lot of her time nursing. That would leave the man who is not nursing a lot of time to forage food for the family, or whatever other means of getting food they may agree upon. They naturally have those roles. If a situation arrived for the roles to change, then so be it, however, why would one or the other rebel against such roles? Some would say it is patriarchy even implying that a woman has a role she is naturally inclined to follow. This is because of delusory entrainment contrived to deceive separate woman and man.

The modern world is ruled by dictator type individuals who seek to depopulate the world in order to maintain rulership for years to come. Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guide Stones are great examples of this plan. What better way to kill people then by limiting how many children are born. If you can convince the women that they are independent of the men, and that their career is more important, right there you have already made her have way less children than she would have had without such a complex. If you can persuade the men not to respect the women who are his mother and wife, through music and other media outlets, then he will stop seeking guidance from the woman, leading to the family unit not receiving the proper protection they need. There is also an ongoing psyops aiming at feminizing the men, as to weaken his ability to defend his unit even more.

This man vs woman situation is only a social construct, such as race. In reality we complete each other. Woman is Yin, and the man is Yang, both are necessary to complete the cycle of life. The Phallus perfectly fits into the Yoni. In modern day there are many unnatural methods used to produce artificial versions of life, that generally have harsh consequences. Why bypass the natural for artificial, when the natural already exists? Many only follow these trending philosophies because of peer pressure. Let us return to the source and drink the holy nectar of our mother, while being protected by the hand of our father.

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