We Are Precisely The Same

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Where did the separation of people begin? Why have we not yet realized that we are the same, and that we have the same origins?

Since we left our Mother's womb we have been in this temple we call a body, experiencing life, and gaining wisdom from those experiences. Some seem to advance, while most seem to flutter in the wind. Why is this so?

Are there forces hidden in the dark that are trying their very best to slow down the spiritual journey of humanity? Are they demonic? Why do they even exist if they do?

We will attempt to present logic to answer all of these questions together.

Power is a dangerous thing for the weak minded, whether that be financial, physical, or intellectual power.

A person who hurts inside because of traumatic experiences will, majority of the time, try to project their experience onto those they encounter. Some of us even have intergenerational trauma, which can negatively impact families as a result of unresolved emotions and thoughts about a traumatic event, or series of events.

Often times these negative patterns are imitated from parents, and are then compounded by a lack of proper treatment, substance abuse, and even the onset of severe mental illness.

Imagine for a moment someone who has been through such things and then becomes President of a country, or Queen/King of an empire.

They are probably going to create conditions where the people they govern over are also taking part in their depressive and destructive cycles.

Together we can easily address a situation like this.

Together people throughout history have brought down many oppressive or dictator-like ruling bodies, and replaced those system with better ones, however, they were only able to accomplish these feats by uniting under the same cause, with the a similar creed.

When we exit our mother's womb, we are processed by the hospital and then given a birth certificate with an identification that we did not have any say in, nor did we agree to it.

They tell us we are White, Black, African-American, Indian, Native American, Portuguese, Nepalese, Mexican etc. All of these identifications are based upon geological regions and nations located in specific parts of the Earth. We then build our identity around these identities that we never had any say in. As we grow we develop pride for our nations and cultures, seeing ourselves as independent from other nations and peoples, rather than interdependent on each other.

Then, on the other hand, we are taught that we are all the same, one people of the earth, usually by leaders in other parts of the world that are discredited or suppressed by ruling bodies who teach the opposite.

Let's see... Who is right?

What is a border? Borders are geographic boundaries of political entities or legal jurisdictions, such as governments, sovereign states, federated states, and other subnational entities. In other words, imaginary lines used to separate a territory claimed to be owned by some kind of entity. The borders exists because we are conditioned to be in agreement that they do, and have bought into the manipulation tactics which are part of a long cycle of deception.

Think to yourself, what nation do I claim?

Whatever your answer is, compare it to the logic here and see which one makes sense:

In reality we are all Earthlings, or whatever name we decide collectively to call the realm we dwell in, the one frequently referred to as earth. There are actually no borders at all. There exists only water, land, air, and living beings; with the addition of other biological/organic, or inorganic/artificial materials. Below the oceans is more land, so there is actually no separation of land by water, at all.

We are taught to be different in every way possible, rather than see all the similarities in each other. Did you ever notice that most life has specific things about them that are the same?

Most life carries one, or all, of these traits: Head, Hair/Fur, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Hands, Feet, Muscles, Bones, Blood/Sap etc.

So what if your skin tone is a little lighter or a little darker; even extremely lighter or extremely darker?

Is not the diversity beautiful?

Should we separate the array of multicolored flowers blooming amidst the vibrant landscape?

Do we not want to see human beings with all shades of melanin?

The more we mentally separate ourselves from the fabric of life, the more we limit our experiences, and disable ourselves from truly being alive.

In our modern day deception, the different nations and municipalities have joined forces in an attempt to stop us from reaching our full potential. Those in seats of power that have rebelled against such beings, have been bought or replaced in one form or another. It is now up to us normal people to reject the mental slavery that is upon us all, with no disinclination to your skin tone, religion, or home.

Where you are born is where you are indigenous to.

That is where your experience in this temple/body began. We are all born on Earth, so we are all indigenous to Earth, and obviously all the same.

Let us remove this disgusting veil from our eyes and enter back into that sacred space where we honor each other and our right to exist.

Peace be with you,

Infinite Love and Divine Light!

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