Re-tuning - By Feq'ad Wolde

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

For weeks now I have stopped smoking/puffing, meaning I do not inhale anything through my mouth anymore, be it by smoking ganja/steaming it etc, I now only drink herbal juices and teas for a high.

For years I have been refining my reality in an effort to purify myself for health's sake, and to also be a bright example for the oncoming generation of what a powerful Male should represent, next to a powerful Female; through food, meditation, action, and how I treat others etc.

I have learned that true power is not based upon control, but in the ability to over-stand the Creation one exist within, in relation to ones reality.

I have learned that to preserve and to annihilate are one in the same, both necessary components of up keeping the balance of Creation.

I have toiled over the years to discipline myself and conserve my Shakti in an effort to use my Qi for enlightenment, failing many times, yet continuing my refinement.

I have also realized that whether or not anyone over-stands the truths I have obtained through meditation doesn't make me any more, or any less, than them, as we are all here to help each other grow. One must do as well as rest in order to be at peace - and peace is o-so-sweet a nectar, I wish I could share it with the whole Earth! Those are the tears I cry for my people: all people.

We have been taught by trending "scientific thought" that we don't exist, further stripping us of our power and convincing us that we have no purpose or destiny. We can prove that we exist, however, they can not prove that we do not.

There are geometric patterns and cycles seen throughout all Creation that make up the essence of our beings, and hold valuable information, giving us a basis/foundation to build upon.

There is a force amongst us that does not want to see us truly prosper as a unit, and has hidden plans to transform us into a slave race, tricking us that freedom lies in such a Hell.

I write to transfer these inspirations and realizations from the Soul to you.

I don't want your money.

I don't want your Qi.

The Qi I have is yours freely.

What I desire is us all to be free truly.

We are born talented, bright, electric lights, confused at birth intentionally through diet and imagery.

As we grow we are Indoctrinated and intoxicated into belief systems that contradict reality.

We are Sparks of the Original Light, as the Sun sends rays to us.

Those Ray's continue on forever and always.

We exist! Victory is ours still!

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