My Journey to Abyssinia

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

To start this blog I would like you the reader to acknowledge the fact that I was born in Jamaica, which is strongly empowered by our original Ethiopian culture and moral structure. This brought rise to Ethiopianism through Marcus Garvey, whose famous prediction, "Look to Africa, when a black king shall be crowned, for the day of deliverance is at hand," was made a reality with the crowning of Emperor Haile Selassie.

Emperor Haile Selassie modernized Ethiopia with his wife Empress Etege Mennen 3 millennia ahead of its previous state. Later, Rastafarians would spread the message of 'one love' throughout the world with reggae music. This message originates in the unconditional love mindset and ideals shown by Emperor Haile Selassie and his beloved Queen.

I traveled to Ethiopia 15 years ago at the age of 17, during the 63rd anniversary of Robert Nesta Marley's birthday, with my friend's Queen (his wife). There we met a lot of people who also made the journey for similar reasons. We stayed in Shashamane for 3 months. Ethiopia at that time was not as developed as it is today, with only main roads, and older automobiles. Most of the houses were still native dome huts.

Oromia Dome Huts

The energy of the people was higher then, with literally everyone asking you to join them for Injera (Ethiopian local food). Sometimes you ate so much food, that you would have to refuse a meal, which to some is insulting lol. I spent a lot of my time adventuring and meeting new people. I found endless natural locations to meditate, practice yoga, and train in martial arts. I truly fell in love with Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people. My people.

3 months was like a year to me.

There is also a small percentage of "irregular", "bad", and "strange" experiences that took place. Let's start with the "bad". The people we stayed with were very controlling, and didn't want us to leave their compound. I was very rebellious at that age, and kinda still am, so I went and explored at will. Our hosts were also supposed to build a school in Shashamane, but majority of the cash they received from donations went into the building of their own home, with the school never being completed. This was very disappointing, as this was one of the reasons we travelled: to see their progress and be a part of the experience.

Next, the irregular experience was the day I fainted. Throughout my life pineapples​ have made me light headed, with me eventually finding out that I am allergic to them, and that it's not alkaline. I woke up that morning with a cup strong buna (coffee), some cannabis for my pipe, and a whole pineapple. This brewed up a storm in my head that unleashed its fury on me when we all took a walk to visit some friends of our hosts. On the walk through the village, I was pretty much floating across land y’all lol. When we reached, they offered us Syndē Dabo (Ethiopian Kamut bread), and I ate quite a bit.

Syndē Dabo (Ethiopian Kamut bread)

As we all sat there conversing, I decided to go outside with the children at the home. I suddenly started feeling woozy, and stood up against a tree. Then I blacked out, with my last memory being me heading towards the ground. I woke up a few minutes later with familiar faces standing around me, not having realized I'd hit the ground. It was very intense!

Now for the strange experience that made this journey to Ethiopia distinguishably meaningful to me.

One night I got into an argument with our hostess (codename Mama Leaf, as I don't want to use names in respect for their privacy). The argument was based on the fact that I went to Addis Ababa to buy groceries, and they gave me a list for themselves and some money to buy the items. At the cash register I realized they didn't give me enough cash to buy their items, and because this wasn't the first time it happened, I bought what I could and put back the rest. Arriving back in Shashamane, she got immediately upset, telling me I could of bought the rest with my own money (how convenient), and engaging me in an argument.

After about 5 minutes I stopped talking while she was yelling at me, calmed my mind and body, and drifted into a deep meditation; meditating in front of her. The meditation I was doing was the act of taking the bad energy she poured on me, and turning it into positive energy. After about a minute, she stopped, got annoyed, and left.

Shortly after I went to sleep.

That night I had an outer body experience, which I thought was a dream at first...until I saw my own body next to me sleeping on the bed. I was trying to walk normally, and couldn't move at first. At this time, I relaxed my Spirit Body, and started hovering.

There were bright panels of light on the floor before me. I innately knew I would wake back up if I hovered over them. I was trying to make it to the door and travel outside, but was not able to. It was extremely windy outside during the experience, and I could hear them gossiping about me ignoring Mama Leaf earlier. After making it to one of the light panels, I immediately woke up with goosebumps all over my body, still hearing the wind gusts blowing intensely outside, and their conversation in the background.

To Be Continued…

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