Magi - The Yogi With Swag

Magi is an enigmatic unconventional yogi who has been creating and selling his crafts at Ashby Flee Market in South Berkeley for decades. He spends most of his time in the hills of Berkeley and Oakland, where he meditates, crafts, builds labyrinth's, and studies the different plant/wild-life etc.

He has also traveled to India, Thailand, Nepal, and many other countries gathering precious gems, absorbing the cultures, and acquiring ancient wisdom. Magi spends his time living off the grid at many different places throughout California. His crafts carry a lot of protection and Asē as he calls it (also called Qi Energy/Shakti). 

We have been receiving priceless wisdom from this high frequency Spirit-Soul for years now. He has always showed us and whoever visits him or buys his pieces intentional love and guidance.

We have observed many different craftsmen and women, and truly recognize this Yogi's superior skills. We had the honor of having him customize Mesq'al's engagement ring, that still gets compliments from whoever lays eyes on it. His prices are incredibly cheap considering his unique talent. The way he speaks and promotes his items, to the way he sits, smiles, and greets the people grants him the title "Yogi With Swag"!

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Last Updated July 2020

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