Luna's Hips

Angels arrived out of the blue today

Mikael generously handed us the Sun-Re

Luna's hips rock and swayed as I delivered Saturday

King Lalibela's wife is alive and well I would say

Your love is a chamber of soft kisses and sunray's

I applaud your feminine segue into my exotic entree

Lightning and thunder clears the byways

We combine our temples into one and pray

Frankincense and Myrrh rise as an offering to the Creators of night and day

Who is worthy to open the seals and loose the 7 chakra's today?

I am says the golden hand rubbing the tip of the sacred clay

Moans lift up as forbidden sounds to the holy nouns

Domes declare victory as Light wafts from base to crown

Undefined is the length of time that they praised the Divine

Relief is procured in the groin and the mind

Angels encircle the miracle

Praises to the 7 Principles!

Her lovelight is visible!

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