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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Lasta Cafe and Garden Retreat was launched in 2019 as a means of providing travelers with a comfortable and unique experience for dining and staying overnight while passing through Lalibela, Ethiopia. To see a few of our wonderful guests check out @lastacafeandgarden

The Garden Retreat, located behind Lasta Cafe, continues to operate in a limited capacity while we raise funds to develop the compound. Our Experience Packages can also still be booked! See our options here.

To see our reviews while we were open in our full capacity visit our TripAdvisor!

To follow the founders on their journey and personal development join us on Instagram @infinitevortexoflight

In the meantime here are some of our most loved dishes.

Lasagna Double Decker Sandwich
Alkaline Injera
Local Greens and Black Rice
Amaranth Seed Porridge

Have a look at our reviews and the last version of our Lasta Cafe reservations page here!

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