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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Release your transgressions to the Zephyr 

Why hold on to them forever?

No need to boast if you can make a toast

A commemoration of your divine essence should be of the utmost

Do not be petrified while climbing the slope 

Do not be duped by the Imam or the Pope

Invisible desires command thoughts intending for you to plummet and soak...

Parables are written in the Sol

Luna was her name before the moon

They conceal our narrative

Yet triumph awaits us soon

We will meet him dressed in all white at the cremation of doom

7 principles have been buried in collective amnesia with sudden seizures

If you overstand

You’ve already ascended to another land

If you are inexperienced

The cadence has arrived to fulfill your life

Endless locomotions are a token given to the chosen to devour the false notions

Ego has become feeble

Now drastically hunted by the noble

This is 100% real

No longer a myth or a fable

Transcend if you’re able

Tap In 

Be Grounded

Be Stable

Yet fluid in the rapids

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