In 1720, Nanny and Quao, sometimes called her brother, settled and controlled an area in the Blue Mountains, Jamaica. It was later given the name Nanny Town, and it had a strategic location overlooking Stony River via a 270 m ridge, making a surprise attack by the British very difficult

Nanny is a descendant of the Ashanti tribe in Ghana, and the Indigenous people of Jamaica. She trained freed slaves how to outsmart the British through use of gorilla warfare and ancient magic, or Obeah as it is called in Jamaica.

Earned the title “right excellent” which only 7 national figures hold. This is particularly special because she happens to be the only woman on that list. Is on the jamaican $500 bill, the most circulated currency o the Island

There were accounts by British soldiers of 10 ft tall tree's walking around and swallowing soldiers whole. There was an account of a boiling cauldron in the middle of the woods with no fire underneath, and when soldiers would look into it, they would fall in and die. 

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