The U.S. was in a recession when Kennedy took office. He carried out various measures to boost the economy, under his own executive anti-recession acceleration program. Among other things, the most significant tax reforms since the New Deal were carried out including a new investment tax credit.

President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps on March 1, 1961. It was a program through which American volunteers would help underdeveloped nations in areas such as education, farming, health care, and construction.

JFK averted nuclear war through his negotiations with soviet leader, Khrushchev. The Soviet Union agreed to dismantle its weapons. Secretly it was agreed that US would remove its nuclear missiles from Turkey, but wouldn’t declare so publicly.

Kennedy supported racial integration and civil rights through his speeches. On March 6, 1961, he signed an executive order which required government contractors to take affirmative action to ensure all employees are treated equally irrespective of their race, creed, color, or national origin.

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