Experience Giving

Donations Make Everything Happen.

As a social enterprise, our work focuses on creating positive change in the community. 

We do this by bringing people together, educating, and creating distinct opportunities for growth.


Donations ensure these opportunities can flourish. 


Here are some examples of what your gift can do:

Sponsors a student for a month in our local English class.


Develops our printing budget, giving English students the opportunity to receive exercise books.


Could help us get lendable tools for our other planned programs, such a yoga mats


Creates the opportunity for us to upgrade our educating & event equipment


Makes it possible to invest in a projector, musical instruments, or a chalk board


Can initiate new projects, host an event, workshop,  series, or much more



Here's what your gift can get you:

A Gift of $40 - $100 

Ensures that 2 meals for each day of your trip are taken care of by Lasta Café.


$100 - $299

Secures a guided tour, 2 meals per day, & a 30 min massage, or two 15 min massages.


$300 <

Is presented with a complimentary guided tour, 2 meals, and a 30 min massage, every day of your visit. 


Interested in trading with us?

Send us an email.


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Last Updated November 2019