She founded Addis Ababa alongside Emporer Menelik II, which remains Ethiopia’s capital city today, and the final decades of her reign witnessed a period of modernization, which gradually opened Ethiopia up to trade and greater technical expertise

The Ethiopian Empire was transformed under Emperor Menelik: the major signposts of modernisation with the help of key ministerial advisors, such as Gäbre-Heywät Baykädañ, were put in place

His Imperial Majesty Emporer Menelik II, Kings of Kings, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Her Imperial Majesty Empress Taytu, Queen of Queens, Conquering Lioness of the Tribe of Judah.

Determined to resist imperialist designs on her country, she increasingly opposed any negotiations that would result in the loss of Ethiopian territory. When diplomacy gave way to war, she rode out at the head of her own army, at her husband’s side.

He is widely called "Emiye Menelik" in Ethiopia for his forgiving nature and his unselfish deeds for the poor.

Later in his reign, Menelik established the first Cabinet of Ministers to help in the administration of the Empire, appointing trusted and widely respected nobles and retainers to the first Ministries

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