Dr. Sebi cured 1000's of people from every known major disease, including Eddie Murphie's mother from Stage-4 cancer, and Lisa Lopez's alcoholism in 10 days, through an alkaline diet and fasting.

He won a case in the Supreme Court, accusing him of false advertising in 1987, after making a post in a newspaper saying that he could help cure AIDS and other major diseases and illnesses. This charge was led sources linked to Big Pharma.

He established a retreat in Honduras which he used to cure and teach true health to 1000's of people from all over the world. He truly was ahead of his time. You can read more about him on our Alkaline Page.

Dr Sebi is self educated. He did not attend school as a child. Everything he knew and accomplished was through his own research and experience.

From Forever 'til Infinity!


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