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Donate to us so we can continue to provide free and/or affordable enlightening events, and consultations about true health, meditation, and shadow work to the people in our communities. Check out our projects page to see some of what we have been doing over the years; the healing and joy we have brought to many.


Being of service is our destiny, and we're always envisioning new ways to increase our impact, so every donation helps us achieve this goal. We are a sovereign entity, not tied to any corporate or government organization. Every thing we do is from the heart.


Currently we are organizing resources to hire an additional person to join our team, and help manage our website and business. If you are an investor, and see the potential in our enterprise, please contact us

Here is a way you can donate without the use money. Join our Online Village, by becoming a member and joining the discussions in our forum 

Collaborate Instead?

Partners and project collaborators are highly desired and welcomed. 


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