#BayAreaDrSebiApproved Delivery

The Alkaline Food you've been craving is now available for delivery in the Bay Area!

Order though our Facebook Page

or text (510) 775 - 5739

For Chef Wolde's daily menu.

Accepting Payments though
CashApp $InfiniteVortex & PayPal

For more information on the type of food we prepare checkout our Alkaline page!

Why this? Why now?

Before we had #BayAreaDrSebiApproved Delivery we had Lasta Café in Lalibela, Ethiopia!


People from all over the earth were able to try our amazing and unique food!

Now we are back in the Bay educating and sharing truly Alkaline foods once again.

Check Out the Feed

We could tell you about the food, or we could show you people enjoying it.

A bit of the best of both worlds, right here!

See a full review of the services we offered at our Lalibela location:

Online ordering coming soon!