Creative Literature

Infinite Vortex of Light presents our creative literature page. Here we will be sharing our most deepest thoughts and inspirations through creative writing.


Infinite Love and Divine Light!

I've had the time of my life

Growing with you my wife 

My enchanted light

Lifted upon mountains of heights 

Journey's across hither grow

Lightning's utter the flow

Inescable is my love to thee in sincere harmony with eternity

I honor the boundless sea

With flowers of magnificent light I write these vows to thee


The thunders know my roars

The lions on south african shores

The purple rain from the galactic core

Oceans arrive across the dome into your arms so pure

Going inside is the cure

Arrangements across the firmanent

Bringing us together once more...


I proceed to open the leafs of my Souls autumn myst individually

Only to spread my love unto thee

Indeed I surrender to your love in sweet exstacy 

Rhythms across moon light ignite the sea night's into high tides

When I hold you I see twilight


An hour of silence 

An hour of rain

When the Sun journey's into the day

Open meadows of cinnamon leaves and apple tree's also bringing fresh fruit of papaya on the breeze

The fragrance from your skin is as pure as these


If I were the Sun

You would be destined the Moon

I do not love anyone like how I love you

Relax your mind divine

There will come a time when the stars suround the paradise inside the bride

When the doves spiral your way on a new day


Angels sorround

Lightning begins

Winter and summer within

When you touch your lips with mine

I quiver genuine energies to thee without anxiety

How endless art thou

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