Based on the 7 Hermetic Principles

Create balance in your life with alkaline forming foods, spiritual development, and support with professional endeavors. We provide a one-of-a-kind space for self discovery, using the 7 Hermetic Principles.

For specific issues and stand-alone consultations, see Areas of Balancing

For a deeper dive into the Hermetic Principles and overall self-development,

inquire about Paths to Self-Mastery.


Areas for Balancing


Individual Consultations

  • Alkaline Vegan Diet

  • Pranic Breathing

  • Detoxing & Fasting

  • Elimination of Unhealthy Cravings

  • Knowledge of Chi/Life Force Energy

  • Slowing the Aging Process

  • Self Development

  • Relationships

  • Career & Entrepreneurial Pursuits

  • Transcendental Meditation

  • Dream Decoding & Numerology

  • The Decolonization of Belief Structures

Paths To Self Mastery


Package Deals: 3 Consultations Per Week 

The Package Deals allow clients to interact with the 7 Principles in a very intimate way, bringing together the study of these all encompassing laws and the client's very personal inner work to bring balance to themselves and the space around them.

Each package adds to the last by focusing on more of the Principles, until ultimately all principles are fully broken down.

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How It Works

Step 1

Clients Inquire


A client reaches out regarding the Area of Balancing or Path to Self Mastery they are interested in.

Step 2

Initial Assessment


The client becomes a member of Infinite Vortex of, in order to fill out the assessment form.

Step 3

Free Initial Consultation


We set up a mutually beneficial time to discuss your present situation and needs.

Step 4

Next Steps


A Plan of Action is drafted, and the next consultation is set up to discuss the client's needs in more detail.


Our consultations are "experience based", for more information on what that means, click here.

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Please Note: All consultations are virtual.

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Denza Y.

Thank you seems so inadequate to say to you. Thank you for squeezing me in that day at 4pm to give of your time, advice and mentoring. My you know that last conversation with you made ALL the difference on what was the final draft of my presentation. I won my business pitch contest because you focused me, made me think about what was important for me to know and convey about my business. I appreciate you!! Thank you. Because of you, I can purchase more samples to send out to my potential clients so I can perform my 3-4 virtual spa wellness parties a week and move towards my the business goals I have set for myself. 💗

Beauty Products Entrepreneur, Oakland CA
Consulted May 2020

Thomas B.

I was bit by a tick when visiting New York, and got limes disease. This was my second time getting limes disease. When I returned to Reno, I got in touch with IVL to figure out what I should do after getting a really bad migraine and pain in my joints, that lasted a few days. They told me to fast for a day, and gave me a list of herbal teas to drink with instructions on what time and how much. They also gave me an alkaline recipe for when my fast was over. I fully recovered in about 48 hours. If you don't know what to do, you should see if they can help you. This isn't the first time they've brought me back from a bad episode.

Electrician at IBEW Local 43, Reno Nevada
Consulted July 2020

Desiree J.

My blood pressure has been bothering me for years. I called IVL when they were doing free consultations to see if they could help me in any way. I had tried a lot of pills that never actually got rid of the problem. After following their regiment for 1 week, I started noticing a difference in how I felt. About 3 weeks later, my doctor asked me what I was doing differently, because he noticed a big change in my blood pressure.

Oregon, USA Resident,
Consulted February 2020


These folks help me out by giving me alkaline green juice when they make it. It gives me a good energy flow and makes me feel relaxed. I was feeling suicidal for a while. They counselled me for about 2 months on life in general, and it really helped me recover from my depression. I'm doing great now. I'm really grateful to have them in my life.

Professional Drummer, Oakland CA
Consulted April-June 2020

Ruth W.

After consulting with IVL about Dr. Sebi Alkaline Food, I started eating more alkaline fruits and vegetables that I can find here in Jamaica. I have more energy, my body feels better, and my skin is glowing. I highly recommend trying their services.

Retired Nurse, St. Thomas Jamaica
Consulted May 2020

Ijahla K.

After the week detox on the fruit menu /diet you recommended I felt very light and lost some weight. I had a lot of energy. I was doing a lot physically as well.. So towards the end of the week I was so looking forward to the squash rundown with veg. I really enjoyed it. I have since did another week fast using same method u showed me. And intermittently fast at weekends. I'm building my self up to do the 90 days fast. But I'm eating all the approved foods and feeling great. I also tuned into the chakas meditation tune u produced on sound cloud very inspirational love the undertones of the bass reminds me of all my warriors coming from 🇯🇲 and beyond. Keep up the good works Queen and King, you are both doing great works. WAY TO GO

London, UK Resident
Consulted June 2020

Kaleb A.

April 16th 2017,  was my first spiritual journey with the infinite vortex of light crew. The adventure was none the less an inexplicable spiritual phenomena; moment to moment while traveling there. Meeting helpful new faces along the way. When we landed at Mt. Shasta Northern California , I instantly felt a sensation I can only identify as a vibration that made my head  slightly tickle. The energy field could be FELT! Phone service? yea right. I didn't even wish to have any in such a serene environment.  Couple of nights pass and finally the big event is here, the eclipse that happens every like 500 years. Here I was with built up excitement scaling up a rocky mountain looking for the perfect spot with the infinite vortex family. When we finally reach the top of the mountian I see a patch of snow below us and a man above us that is higher up playing a flute as if fate placed him there to set a harmonic tone to the scenery. Meanwhile a mockingbird zips in front of me as if initiating the eclipse ceremony itself. This moment had GRAVITY! The moment itself felt like heaven on earth to say the least. Infinite vortex of light you have my deepest thanks for supporting my transformation; helping me rediscover the truth and what that means for myself. 
Shout out to the founders IVL for educating me on alkaline eating. I feel energetic after each meal and still maintaining a 5% body fat regardless if I eat several moderate meals a day. I barley have asthma anymore, and my eczema is gone. Thanks fam!  Peace Love. -Kaleb Ali 
Instagram: Kalebali

Entrepreneur @ Kaleb Ali Indie Int., Las Vegas
Consulted  from 2017 to present