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The Cosmic Event

Infinite Vortex of Light is excited to announce the first of many spectacular retreats!

We invite you to join us on a perspective shifting journey through a very special
Summer Solstice Annular Eclipse. 


This mystical cosmic event occurs at the junction of Galactic Equator and the Milky Way, on a date the Egyptians would have used to mark the beginning of their calendar :

The Summer Solstice.

Coincidentally, this particular position of the sun, on the Winter Solstice of 2012, marked the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar

The Mayan Long Count Calendar may be more familiar under its other name "The Great Year", a title referring to the procession of the equinoxes, and the path the sun travels on going through the constellations over a ~26,000 year-long period. While the exact point at which the age transitions is still being debated by scientists, we will be using this opportunity to honor the Great Year's closing, by observing this dazzling star-show.


It is intriguing for a number of different reasons, including its relationship to the Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, and even Mt Kailash of Tibet, a naturally formed pyramid that the Eclipse will be visible from.

The Earth, the Moon, and the Sun in alignment with the Galactic Equator on June 21st, 2020.

The Great Year is marked using the procession of the equinoxes through Zodiac signs, as they are commonly known.

The observable procession of the earth through the Zodiac signs.

On June 21st, 2020 when the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth align with the galactic equator for the Annular Solar Eclipse, Lalibela, Ethiopia will have 97% visibility.


"With the Sun and Moon in their respective positions relative to Earth, which is sitting on the Galactic Axis and centred on the Galactic Equator, the Cosmological Circle is formed. This is Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid in space. This is the only time this alignment of the Earth, Moon and Sun happens along the galactic equator in this way!" - Ted Harper

The Holy Temple Ceremony will create a space honoring this unique celestial milestone in Lalibela, Ethiopia.

This ceremony will be organized as a multi-day retreat, offering you time to reflect on your own growth and the overall development of all of consciousness.

We will be caring for our body in ceremony, using movement, breath, intermediate-fasting, and Shadow Work to honor the temples we all inhabit. Throughout this perspective shifting journey we will also disassemble and play with the concept of stillness, developing a meditation based on habitual, free flowing practices.

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Activate - The Engagement

There will be 2 groups coming together for the Eclipse viewing party. This gathering will take place by Wedebye Plateau, at 5 AM. After this event and a sealing meditative practice, we will descend from the mountain together, and spend the rest of the day in rest.

The Gatherings

7 Day Intensive

This group will make their way up the mountain first, endeavoring to spend 7 days in an intermediate - fasting cycle, which will include a small lunch and a daily dinner feast. As we move through a collection of meditative activities intended to establish stillness and induct reflection. This space will be reserved for those seeking to shut off from the outside world and step into a space devoid of any distractions as we approach the Eclipse Event. 

For more details about the activities encompassed in this group's experience and the suggested donation pricing, register with the form below.

3 Day Reflection

This second group will be following a self-guided program, which will begin with you taking time to experience the area, move into a fasting period, and finally, ending on the third day, allow you to view the Eclipse event.

To get a full breakdown of the program, please register through the same form below.

The Eclipse Event

After both groups converge the night before the Eclipse, there will be some synchronizing and debriefing on the eclipse initiation ceremony.

On the day of the Eclipse, we will hold a meditative space together, observing the event in a ceremony that will begin at 6 AM.

Additional Info

  • We are putting out a call to all healing arts practitioners!
    If you would like to offer your services during the Retreat or Celebration, please register below the general registration form.

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  • We are asking for the following minimum donations for attendance to the retreats:
    The 7 Day Intensive $250

    The 3 Day Reflection $75

  • The Day of Celebration is a free event (donations are welcome)

  • All proceeds go to the development of our programs and space.


Any kind of support for this event is appreciated. The Celebration of Life especially. 

Equipment donations, even connections from your network, are encouraged. 

Ask us for a full list of our needs to see how you can help!

As a special thanks to our donors and supporters, you will receive special access and privileges leading up to and throughout this event. 


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