Alkaline Diet

The Power of Original Foods

The healthiest food you can give the body is food that hasn't been altered in any form. Whether it be GMO or hybridization, non-original foods create mucus, which is the source of all ailments and disease. 

When you feed on completely unaltered foods, the system detoxes, releasing trapped mucus, and flushing toxins.

This is how Alkaline forming herbs, fruits, and vegetables help people heal from illness and prevent disease.

Be Your Own Physician
Regarding Our Interest
in Dr. Sebi

To date, the only widely held source for accurate information on which fruits and vegetables reduce mucus is the last list Dr. Sebi personally released on Alkaline fruits, vegetables, and herbs.



Because he went through the trouble of doing all his own research, and finding his own credible sources of information. 

Over the years, his recommendations changed, which is why we only refer to his final list as the basis of our own research on Alkaline forming edible plant life.


His work helped numerous people cure themselves by using a broad knowledge base of Indigenous herbs, fruits, vegetables, and regular fasting cycles. 

Dr. Sebi's Case

Dr. Sebi's authenticity was tested when he made public claims that he could heal diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Lupus, and AIDS.

After being taken to court, it was decided that no claims could be made to the contrary of Dr. Sebi's.

This instance sets his work apart from other herbalist making similar claims.

We honor his legacy as an ancestor by putting forward his work and continuing his research.

Hungry for more?

We're always available for free assessments on how to balance or transition into an alkaline or vegan diet. 

Below is a full list of Dr. Sebi's recommendations so you have everything you need to begin your Alkaline Vegan journey.

What's Recommended?


Alcohol, seedless fruit, canned food, microwaves, and meat should be avoided.

A short testimony about our own experience using alkaline foods to recover after sustaining a serious injury in Ethiopia.

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