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Darrian Williams

(AKA Feq'ad)

Erin Clark

Darrian travelled to Ethiopia at age 17 to reconnect with his land of origin. There he was baptized into the Tewahedo Christian faith, and became Feq'ad Wul (Permission of/from God). He has a long history as a Chef, cooking healing vegan foods, and as a Healer / Maseur. Feq'ad has also been producing, mixing, and mastering original music since the age of 14 that has touched many. His knowledge of ancient scriptures, the healing arts, and a love for oral narrations, has built on the foundation set by his family of farmers, energy healers, and cooks. He has obtained a unique set of experiences that guide his holistic approach to plant-based nutrition; overall healing, through Reiki, Massage, and Sound Therapy.

Erin is an event planner, writer, inspiring public speaker, and critical data analyst. Her work in various positions of leadership has focused on connecting members of her community through social media, personal engagement, and spaces for self-expression. She is a 2017 graduate of the Mills College Ethnic Studies Program, with a double minor in Public Policy, and Journalism. While studying, she spent a great deal of time organizing (and hosting) events, advocating for peers, and learning to take a balanced approach to health, and spirituality. She also has a background in grassroots promotion, which has served her well in various partnerships and collaborations.

Infinite Vortex of Light (or IVL) is a social enterprise working at the intersections of tourism and modern village life to provide an alternative perspective on health, spirituality, expression and sustainability.


We provide unforgettable experiences to travelers and locals, with spaces that feed, heal, uplift, or celebrate the vibrance of life.

We do this via our digital platforms:

  • Infinite Vortex of Light
  • Infinite Love and Divine Light
  • Infinite Vortex of Light Productions

And this website right here!

We also do this through Lasta Café, Inner Light Reiki Massage, and Garden Retreat. We offer these high quality services to fund future events, workshops, and educational opportunities for the community, like our English Class, equipping local young people   with a necessary tool to access international opportunities.


It is additionally our intention to donate all our services to the community.

Patronage of our services allows us to be able to do this.

Finally, IVL represents the inexhaustible capacity people have to do great things. That's why we're looking for people to come and work directly with us, or collaborate!

Fe'qad: Healer

Feq'ad originates from a family of healers and farmers. His Grandmother (A Maroon from Jamaica), was a healer who healed many energetically. We now call this reiki in the conventional sense, or energy healing. Feq'ad grew very close to his grandmother, until she passed away when he was 12 years of age.


He then started to develop his innate healing abilities, and at age 16, and took an online massage course with Us Career Institute. He finished 400 out of 600 hours with a 92 percent average. He lost interest in the course, realizing that the value of healing from the heart was not present in the institutional mindset, and went on to do freelance work as an entrepreneur.


At Mandela Foods Cooperative (formerly known as) in Oakland CA, where he was a co-owner, he did freelance reiki & massage healing part-time. Everyone of whom he has provided his service to, responds with the deepest appreciation for his in-depth ability to technically and spiritually restore them. A lot of his clients become so relaxed, that they literally fall asleep. You can check out his recent reviews on our reiki massage page. Feq'ad performs reiki with every massage session. To him the reiki is free, you are only paying for the massage.

As a natural virtuoso, Feq'ad produces amazing graphic designs and healing music. Some of his music can be enjoyed below.

Healing Sounds

Erin: Scribe

Starting out on a rather unassuming path, Erin went to college with the intention of later going on to run for office at some level. While pursuing an Ethnic Studies degree with a double minor in Journalism & Public Policy, she also served on the Student Government for all four years, rising in the ranks from Class President, to Senator, to VP, to President.

She did all this in the same span of time as she was extending her help to a few non-profits in their developing stages, pursuing a business through a youth fellowship, receiving a certification as a facilitator, and a doula, in addition to securing herself as a member at a worker-owned cooperative.

Alternative economics, and politics, were often the focus of her scholarly research, as was indigenous cultures, their activism, and US History as a whole.


The milestones she hit along the way to completing her degree came with many opportunities to share her passion for writing. In the Bay Area, she found a way to mobilize her want to help people alongside her artistic expressions, and some of the work that came out of those efforts can be found below.

An Advertorial copy-written for Mandela Foods Cooperative.

Published in the Oakland Post in 2015.

Articles written for KALW's Crosscurrents,
in San Francisco, California.

  • Infinite Vortex of Light
  • Infinite Love and Divine Light
  • Infinite Vortex of Light Productions
Infinite Vortex of Light

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