Tapping the
Infinite Vortex of Potential

Infinite Vortex of Light (or IV L) is a social enterprise working to provide an alternative perspective on health, spirituality, identity, expression and sustainability.

We do this with food, events, retreats, health & wellness consulting, products, information, and more.

So, what is the Infinite Vortex of Light?


Infinite Vortex of Light represents the inexhaustible capacity people have to do great things.

Mesq'al Kebra & Feq'ad Wolde

IvL c.e.o's

Feq'ad and Mesq'al are a dynamic duo igniting our communities to dig deeper into health, ancestral wisdom, and sustainability through food, gardens, consultations, products, events, music, and web content. After returning from Ethiopia where they launched and co-owned Lasta Café and Garden Retreat, they immediately extended that same hospitality to the Bay Area, through #Bay Area Dr. Sebi Approved Delivery. As a practitioner of transcendental meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, and numerous styles of martial arts, brought together in a practice called Tselot, Feq'ad offers deep insights on wellness, and business. Mesq'al's expertise in administration, event planning, public speaking, facilitation, and non-profits sweetens their continuous collaborations. Together they bring years of horticulture, social media management, small business ownership, and brand building to the table. Having cooperative ownership experience in addition to running their own establishment, this pair actively evolves concepts of sustainability back to the original, unfettered, source ideas preserved by ancient cultures across time.

Fe'qad: Archetype

Feq'ad originates from a family of healers and farmers. His Grandmother (A Maroon from Jamaica), who healed many energetically. We now call this reiki in the conventional sense, or energy healing. Feq'ad grew very close to his grandmother, until she passed away when he was 12 years of age.


At the age of thirteen he went through a metaphysical transformation, evolving his DNA,  and developing his innate healing abilities. At the age 16 he took an online massage course with Us Career Institute. He finished 400 out of 600 hours with a 92 percent average. He lost interest in the course, realizing that the value of healing from the heart was not present in the institutional mindset, and went on to do freelance work as an entrepreneur.


At Mandela Foods Cooperative (formerly known as) in Oakland CA, where he was a co-owner, he did freelance reiki & massage healing part-time. Everyone of whom he has provided his service to, responds with the deepest appreciation for his in-depth ability to restore their balance. Most of his clients become so relaxed, that they literally fall asleep. You can check out his recent reviews on our reiki massage page. To him the reiki is free, you are only paying for his time.

Feq'ad spends majority of his time meditating, gardening, and community building. As a natural virtuoso, Feq'ad produces amazing graphic designs and healing music. Some of his music can be enjoyed below. These are just some of the many talents and abilities of this multidimensional Spirit-Soul. 

Healing Sounds

Mesq'al: Scribe

Mesq'al is the daughter of Aaron Clark, a founding member of the group that would go on to produce the Platinum selling, Emmy Nominated, internationally renowned track Ditty. Following in her father's footsteps, she went to college with political aspirations, deciding to pursue an Ethnic Studies degree with a double minor in Journalism & Public Policy while also serving on the Student Government for all four years rising in the ranks from Class President, to Senator, to VP, to President.

During this time she became deeply invested in Social Enterprises, after going through the first cohort of the Youth Impact Hub in 2015.  She would continue to work with this organization as facilitator for the Intro to Social Enterprises program while also training to be a Doula within the Hatch Community.


She would bring her experience to Mandela Worker Owned Grocery Cooperative, formerly known as Mandela Foods Cooperative, before bringing IV L to Ethiopia.


Her focuses and passions include Administration, Event Planning, Writing, Art Production, and Music. 

An Advertorial copy-written for Mandela Foods Cooperative.

Published in the Oakland Post in 2015.

Articles written for KALW's Crosscurrents,
in San Francisco, California.

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