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Infinite Vortex of Potential!

Infinite Vortex of Light

Hosting Lasta Café and Garden Retreat in
 Lalibela, Ethiopia 

Join us in the garden for an oasis of edible plant life and wild herbs that will rejuvenate your Soul.  
A special gathering place & eatery offering healing food and guest lodging that caters to the body and spirit. Reiki Massage is available for the aching body, putting your mind at ease. We look forward to hosting you.

Our Mission: 

To use food, healing spaces, information, and events to spark people's infinite creative potential.

Our Vision: 

To develop a network of opportunities promoting sustainable practices, Alkaline-Vegan food, and unconventional models of success.

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Infinite Vortex of Light

Lasta Café, Inner Light Reiki Massage, Lasta Garden Retreat

Last Updated December 2019